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How do I know if I am ovulating?

Calculate the fertile cycle helps to plan the pregnancy and also to have prenatal care. There are several methods to calculate your ovulation date: basal temperature and cervical mucus…

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Early symptoms of pregnancy

Delaying your period is usually the first indicator that makes you think of a possible pregnancy. However, we know that it is a very uncertain signal, especially if you do not have regular periods.

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Week 2 of pregnancy

Mom: During the second week of pregnancy your estrogen will increase, giving a signal to the uterus of a pregnancy. The uterus begins to form the “shell” where the egg is implanted, while the placenta that will nourish your baby is beginning to grow. Your...

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Week 3 of pregnancy

Mom: During week 3 of pregnancy implantation happen the fertilized egg in the uterine wall, and consequently, the first missed menstrual period. You may feel small abdominal discomforts similar to premenstrual, which surely will make you think that the time is coming,...

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Week 4 of pregnancy

Mom: In the fourth week of pregnancy is likely to still know you’re pregnant. The hormones that the baby is secreting may make you feel the first symptoms of pregnancy. Fatigue, tingling, sore breasts or nausea, might lead you to believe that the period shall...

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Week 5 of prgnancy

Mom: In these 5 weeks of pregnancy a lot is happening inside your body, though no one can realize, pregnancy hormones are already in operation and you may be feeling nausea, fatigue, and you are urinating much more than normal. Your breasts start to grow and can be a...

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