Week 10 of pregnancy


The placenta begins to produce progesterone and may you grow out your hair or pimples. Where else will notice your weight gain is in your clothes, especially in the size of your bra, so you have to buy new ones that mold to your current size.

Your uterus is growing rapidly in size and weight, and may it endure ligaments stretch, causing you discomfort. However, it is still early for this to happen, so if you feel pain or discomfort, it is best to call your doctor. Especially if there are blood stains on your underwear or any bleeding, fever, chills, vaginal discharge, dizziness or discomfort when urinating, even if the pain does not subside after resting a few minutes.

Your body works harder now, so you may feel like eating more than usual. Perhaps in these 10 weeks of pregnancy you produce more saliva than usual, this is very common among pregnant women, especially those with acidity or have very exaggerated nausea, called hyperemesis gravidarum. Although not established the reason why of this excess saliva, it is believed that perhaps you produce more or less swallow saliva, or both at once.

Your doctor will ask you all, for example, if you’ve been pregnant before, or if you have suffered an abortion. And perform a series of tests to determine if everything is in order, as urine tests, an external abdominal examination to check the size and position of the baby, weight control and blood pressure.


The hardest part, that was to create all the essential components, is done. In this new period, the organs of your baby will start to grow and mature much faster, like his body. During the next three weeks will double its length.

Your baby is now four to five centimeters long and weighs about five to seven grams. It has two months to live! The umbilical cord is being formed and the placenta begins to produce progesterone. He turns in amniotic fluid; he hears noises, and moves arms and legs. All his vital organs have formed and are beginning to work together.

Brain growth is increasing very fast; about 250,000 new neurons are produced every minute. Feeding through the umbilical begin around week twelve. Around week 10 of pregnancy begins to develop external sexual organs, but not get your hopes up, because it is still difficult to know the sex of your baby. If will be a boy, now his testicles begin to produce the male hormone testosterone. At the moment there is the end of the embryonic period, so that it is officially considered a fetus.

By now, your baby is beginning to have nails. The intestines grow and position themselves in place. The baby begins to prepare to digest food at birth, because the thyroid gland, pancreas and gallbladder start working.

The head is now a little more proportionate with the body and every passing day there are new details such as the separation of his fingers, and even a bit of hair. Your baby has arms bent at the elbow and hand over the heart. The legs are already kicking, and he’s swallowing amniotic fluid without stopping.10 pregnancy weeks


For your visit to the doctor is important to have established a list of everything that is happening to you, there you must include the physical and emotional changes you have experienced. Also, you have to tell him about the illnesses you have had throughout your life, like diabetes, chicken pox, measles, etc.., in addition to relevant diseases in your family there.

At this stage you can hear the heartbeat of your baby. The doctor may use a device called a Doppler, a device that will pass through the stomach to find the heartbeat. Try someone accompany you; it is wonderful to share this time.