Week 4 of pregnancy


In the fourth week of pregnancy is likely to still know you’re pregnant. The hormones that the baby is secreting may make you feel the first symptoms of pregnancy. Fatigue, tingling, sore breasts or nausea, might lead you to believe that the period shall begin at any time.

Maybe you need more sleep than usual, looking forward to urinate and more fatigue than usual. The first weeks of pregnancy are often not really the best, because in addition to fatigue, you may suffer morning vomiting and heightened the perception of odors.

Right now it should have lowered the period, but if not, get a pregnancy test, and if the test is positive, you’re pregnant!


The baby is just a microscopic ball called embryo, and these days is settling into the uterus, while their bodies begin to develop. The embryo is formed as a disk with three layers of cells, which subsequently originate the different tissues of the human body.

The internal disk (endoderm) will become the lungs, liver and digestive system. The disc medium (mesoderm), constitute the bones, muscles, kidneys, sexual organs and baby’s heart. Finally, the external disk (ectoderm) will form the skin, hair, eyes and nervous system. This disc is folded resembling a tube with two protrusions at the ends of which form the baby’s head.

With four weeks of pregnancy the embryo is about 2 mm. At the end of the sixth week will size about 4 mm.

His eyes begin to distinguish themselves as black dots, and begin to develop the bumps that later form his arms and legs. Since there are layers of tissue that will shape the face of your baby, and her tiny heart is now formed by a single camera.

The placenta is very important in your pregnancy, is also growing. Through it, baby receives the oxygen and nutrients needed for growth. At the end of this week the placenta starts to operate.4 pregnancy weeks 4 pregnancy weeks 4 pregnancy weeks


Possibly within 4 weeks of pregnancy you know the big news, it is important that you define how you’ll live that moment, and with whom we will share, as it is a very special occasion, surely you’ll remember for the rest of your life.