Week 5 of prgnancy


In these 5 weeks of pregnancy a lot is happening inside your body, though no one can realize, pregnancy hormones are already in operation and you may be feeling nausea, fatigue, and you are urinating much more than normal. Your breasts start to grow and can be a little sensitive.

The hormones increase your body temperature, and the progesterone level remains high, so that the placenta and the uterus can grow properly. If after you ovulate not get pregnant, the progesterone level drops to start the cycle again.

There is a method to conceive that is taking the body temperature every day at the same time. A higher temperature, between half and one degree than normal, indicates that ovulation has occurred. If there’s no pregnancy after ovulation, the temperature returns to normal.


The spine, head and trunk of your baby begin to take their true form, and a bulge in the center of the embryo reveals what will be its heart. The neural tube closes and are the nostrils and the retinas of baby’s future eyes.

At this stage, the embryo floats in a bubble filled with fluid called the amniotic sac, covered with a protective outer membrane, called the chorion, which will become an initial placenta. It’ll begin to sprout small projections of tissue called chorionic villus, which form the access to the bloodstream of the mother.

The embryo is about six millimeters long and is visible to the naked eye. Although in reality it is three weeks, pregnancy is counted from the first day of last period, so now are five weeks of pregnancy.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is imperceptible to the naked eye and so small that it could only be seen under a microscope. However, during these five weeks, the embryo multiplied by 40 its measure.

Your baby is unique. The union of your egg and sperm form a set of 46 chromosomes that determine all the hereditary characteristics of the baby: gender, hair, eye color, skin color, his features and some details of his personality.

In the fifth week the neural tube is formed, which later becomes the backbone, along with nerves and spinal cord. It is essential that at this stage take folic acid, because this vitamin avoids neural tube defects.5 pregnancy weeks 5 pregnancy weeks


In relation to the discomforts of these first weeks, we recommend to take it easy. The fatigue will improve if you do things more slowly, and rest long enough.

Regarding the urination, avoid drinking plenty of fluids before go to bed.

Finally, to avoid morning sickness, you can eat some crackers in bed before getting up.