Week 6 of pregnancy


Have a small amount of blood is quite common in early pregnancy, but can sometimes indicate a problem. If you have any bleeding, it is better to call your doctor immediately to determine if is normal, or if required to carry out tests. Bleeding may also indicate that pregnancy is ectopic (ectopic), or that there is the possibility of a spontaneous abortion. But before you worry, try to always talk to your doctor.

Every pregnancy is different. If you’ve been pregnant before it may be completely different. As everything is in full development, there is great sensitivity to certain medicines, viruses and bacteria that can cross the placenta, so you should be especially careful, since most of the defects of the embryo occur from 6 weeks of pregnancy.

At this stage it is common to begin the discomforts of pregnancy and no longer get them confused with premenstrual. However, not all women feel bad during the first months. Perhaps the only difference you perceive is morning discomfort, fatigue and desire to urinate more than usual. Moreover, there are other typical symptoms like nasal congestion, excessive salivation, constipation, and heartburn, among others.

It is also possible you are feeling constant mood changes as a result of pregnancy hormones. You can go from happiness to sadness, from joy to moody, and even get to mourn for no apparent reason. Although this can be very disconcerting, especially if you’re someone who tends to control their emotions, it is quite normal during the first months. Later these mood swings a bit dim, but somehow be present throughout pregnancy.

However, these conflicting emotions that are not only due to high levels of hormones circulating in your blood, also have to do with the fact that your whole life will change, and of course, this can affect the emotions of anyone.


Inside you is growing a new life and it is wonderful. The heart of your child continues to grow; their cells keep dividing without stopping and starting to look more like a baby, even though is only about the size of a tiny button.

Your baby already has rudimentary eyes and ears and a heart that beating regularly. Tiny sprouts arms and legs begin to appear and the blood circulation starts. This period is when the genitals are different.

His head is very large compared to the body, and there have dark spots where after the nose and eyes, and there are holes where the ears are then developed. His fingers still not distinguished, but not take long. It starts dialing the neck and tongue, and vocal cords are already being developed.

Both intestines and lungs are beginning to be formed and the fibers of the muscles. And in the middle of week 6, the baby can start moving the legs and the arms. But you still have to wait several weeks until you can feel his/her kicking.

Growth during this period is very fast; its measures at the end of this week will border the 5-6 mm.6 pregnancy weeks 6 pregnancy weeks 6 pregnancy weeks 6 pregnancy weeks 6 pregnancy weeks


If you are already aware that you are pregnant you will want to ask for an appointment with your gynecologist; if you don’t have one, ask your mom or friend to recommend one trusted you. If none of them satisfy you, Facemama.com has a team of medical specialists in pregnancy, with which you can assist you without problems.