Where I can find my own pregnancy Gestogram?

Almost every gynecologist has his own pregnancy wheel or a pregnancy calculator, because it makes easier to find any normal (or abnormal) pregnancy development indicators.

We develop our software thinking about new pregnant women who need a lot of information for this new stage of life. From this point we offer an iOS version of our pregnancy gestogram trough Apple’s AppStore, costing $1,99 for supporting it’s further development. This App is available for iPod/iPhone/iPad (no need to purchase more than once).

We also have developed an Android version of this app, for free, you can find it on Google Play Store

We make our best effort every day to make this app better and better.

We will be very glad if you are interested to help us sending us your opinion, or even better, we need collaborators who help us with translations, due to the original app we developed in spanish.

Here you can read more about and purchase the iOS Pregnancy Gestogram